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5/03 - present: I developed the first official web site and monthly newsletter for Minette Walters, one of the UK's top crime writers. In conjunction with Tate Design, I created the content architecture for the site, as well as directed the design and production. I wrote and edited all the editorial on the site. 

I am now the editor for the site, managing updates, writing the newsletter, advising on web strategy, and helping to enhance search engine placement. I pursued an extensive cross-linking campaign, and the site is currently number one or two on the major search engines.


The Lovers' Guide

6/03 - 2/04: As the managing editor of the web site, I was in charge of implementing a site re-design and managing the transition of the old site to a new content management system.  

I edited all articles on the site and produced SMS content for several of the company's media partners, including Channel 4. I also wrote a set of writers' guidelines and an editorial policy.

The site has recently undergone another re-design; however, they retained the content architecture I developed.

9/00 - 2/01: This California-based email management and change-of-address service hired me as a freelance copywriter to develop messaging text for their consumer-facing web site. I synthesised the text they had written in-house to create a positive consumer experience. I wrote most of the landing pages for the site, guiding users through the registration process, and I also wrote the FAQs.


Computer Sciences Corporation

9/98 - 1/99: CSC specialises in management consulting; information systems consulting and integration; and outsourcing. As a consultant, I developed an internal web style guide that set the tone and established best online writing practices for the corporate site. Plus, I wrote copy for several of CSC's corporate clients:

  • I wrote extensive help documentation for a web-based catalogue of pharmaceutical products as part of CSC's database migration work for Premier, a strategic healthcare alliance that provides performance solutions to hospitals and other providers in the US. The Help documentation has been updated to reflect changing technology, but my structure and core text are intact.

Read Help documentation on Premier's web site > >

  • I also wrote all the informational marketing copy for Factory Mutual Research Corporation as part of CSC's development of that company's site. The site has been re-designed but they retained all of my original copy.

Read copy on Factory Mutual's Approvals web site > >

  • In addition, I wrote and coordinated the script for a Flash demo for an internal corporate travel site for Wells Fargo.



6/98 - 9/98: I worked extensively with Digital's vice president of marketing and several members of the company's technical team to edit and coordinate all the written content for a flash demo promoting one of Digital's software integration products.

Read copy / view screen shot

Enterprise Configuration Management

4/98 - 7/98: ECM, a product of UK-based Serverware Group plc, was a comprehensive software solution for Windows NT system management. I worked closely with the company's principals and design team to develop a navigation scheme that presented the existing content is the most intuitive light possible. I also wrote extensive marketing copy for the introductory pages and was responsible for editing all the content on the site, as well as several offline presentations. (The site as we designed it is no longer live.)



1/98 - 10/98: MailTel, a service of Acorn Communications, was a product designed to allow users to "phone in" for their email messages (in the late '90s, this was cutting edge!). As editorial director for the site, I wrote all the "message" screens and interactive demo scripts. I also edited all the technical documentation and worked closely with a design team to develop the content architecture for the site.



8/97 - 11/97: I worked closely with this software company's  marketing department to create original copy and edit existing content, including a series of white papers. I also wrote the text for all highlights pages, and I wrote text for several interactive demos.


5/97 - 12/97: As site editor for "Breaking the Speed Limit", sponsored by Rockwell International, I was responsible for the editorial direction of the site during its two-month development phase and its first month live on the web. The site focused on explaining, in layman's terms, the existing and potential hardware options available for Internet connectivity.

I also wrote several articles for the site, including the two below. They were outdated the minute I wrote them, but I hope they demonstrate my technology feature writing capabilities:


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