In addition to my new media copywriting, I occasionally find time to pen the odd feature article.

Spa Magazine:

From 2000 - 2001, I was the magazine's music editor. I also wrote a cover story on Vermont spas for them, as well as an article on island radio stations for their sister publication, Islands Magazine.

Vermont: The great Green Mountain state

Tuning in to the the islands
CD review: Nick Drake
CD review: Chasm


Boston Rock:
From the mid-'80s to the mid-'90s, BR was a monthly magazine that chronicled music and the more eclectic side of arts and culture. Over the course of several years, I was a frequent contributor, both as a writer and photographer. I served as the magazine's editor from 1989--1990 and again in 1994--1995.
BR stopped publishing in 1996.

Deal With It: Kim Deal Interview
Where the Buffalo Rom: A Profile of ION Interactive

This article originally appeared in the February, 1998 issue of HotList Magazine, the members-only publication of a New England-area ISP.

It's Online Rock 'N Roll...But I Like It!

CD Reviews:
These reviews were slated to appear on a music review site that never launched. And so here they sit, languishing, hoping to be read...

Lockgroove: Making the Scene
Fastball: A Bargain at Any Price

Live Reviews:

Launch CD-ROM Magazine/
This feature on Champaign, IL indie-rockers Poster Children first appeared on the LAUNCH CD-ROM before being archived on the magazine's Web site.

Poster Children: They're User-Friendly 

Pulse Magazine

In the early '90s, I was a regular contributor to Pulse, the in-store magazine for Tower Records. Although it was free and designed to sell CDs, it always maintained an indie ethos.

The Sugarcubes interview - 1992


A romantic tale in which our heroine does not get her man...

Jonathan Richman--Live review


Since most of these articles are no longer available online, I have lovingly cut and pasted them into my own page templates, with appropriate publication info provided. If you would like an actual paper-based tearsheet of any of these clips, please .